Ukraine wants peace, security, and stability not only for itself but also for the entire Europe. Ukraine seeks peace, security and stability not only for itself but also for Europe as a whole.

new Delhi: Russia, which is preparing to attack Ukraine, has two options. Either it should conduct diplomatic dialogue by withdrawing its troops from the Ukrainian boarders or be prepared for a decisive coordinated response from the international community. This was stated by Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations, Sergiy Kyslytsya.

At the UNSC meeting on Ukraine, Kyslytsya said that Ukraine wants peace, security and stability not only for itself but also for the whole of Europe. At the same time, I reiterate that Ukraine will defend itself in the event that Russia advances.

Russia is making false claim
Russia says it is withdrawing troops from Ukraine’s borders, but this does not appear to be happening on the ground. US President Joe Biden says there are many signs that Russia may attack Ukraine in the next few days. The United States told the United Nations Security Council on Thursday that there is information that more than 150,000 Russian troops gathered near Ukraine’s borders are planning to attack Ukraine “in the coming days”. are preparing for. The US also said that Russia plans to “make up an excuse” for the attack.

What is India’s stand
India on Thursday told the UN Security Council meeting that “peaceful and constructive diplomacy” is needed at this time and it is in touch with all concerned in the matter. At the same time, India underlined that ensuring the safety of over 20,000 Indian citizens in Ukraine is its top priority. India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations TS Tirumurti said at a crucial meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Ukraine, chaired by Russia, that New Delhi is interested in finding a solution through which the tension can be reduced immediately. Tirumurti said India is “in touch with all concerned”. We are of the view that this issue can be resolved only through diplomatic dialogue.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J Austin III in Poland
Amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J Austin III arrived in Poland. He gave information about this by tweeting.

US President Joe Biden has issued a stern warning to Russia, saying that he does not want a confrontation with Russia, but if a Russian attack targets the US in Ukraine, it will face a befitting reply. Biden said, “We are prepared to give a decisive response to a Russian attack on Ukraine. There is still a very high probability of a Russian attack. We do not want a direct confrontation with Russia, although I am clear that if Russia, Ukraine, targets Americans, we will be forced to respond.”

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Hey Putin! say something, do something; Instead of reducing it on the Ukrainian border, Russian troops increased by 7000

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