Umran Malik T20 World Cup 2022: Know 3 advantages of replacing Jasprit Bumrah with Umran Malik… Why Umran Malik should replace Jasprit Bumrah in team India for T20 World Cup 2022 tspo

Umran Malik T20 World Cup 2022: Under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, the Indian cricket team has started its campaign in the T20 World Cup 2022. The team has reached Australia to play the tournament. Fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah has already been ruled out of the team due to a back injury.

However, the BCCI has not yet announced the replacement of Bumrah. Experienced Mohammed Shami, Mohammad Siraj, Deepak Chahar and Umran Malik remain in this race. There is every possibility that Shami, who is in standby, can be given a chance.

If Umran Malik is given a chance, the Indian team can have three big advantages. Maybe Umran can emerge as a star player in this tournament. But the point is that BCCI will have to play bets on them. Fans will also want to know that if Umran is taken in the team, then what can be the three big advantages. Let’s know these benefits…

Team India has no such extra pace bowler

This time in the IPL 2022 season, three of the top-5 balls bowled were from Umran Malik. He had bowled these balls at the speed of 157 kmph, 155.6 kmph and 154.8 kmph. This ability is not even in Deepak Chahar, Harshal Patel, Arshdeep Singh.

Siraj and Umesh Yadav may have the accuracy, but the pace is not. But Umran has the ability to give you both these things. In such a situation, the Indian team should keep variety in its bowling attack.

Almost every team has such a speed star for bouncy and speed pitches in Australia. Almost every bowler in the Australian team can do wonders on these pitches. But there is no such thing in the Indian team. In such a situation, the team management should also keep such an arrow in its quiver.

Umran Malik can become a threat in the middle overs

In the T20 format, Bumrah is often seen doing some overs in the powerplay and the rest in the death overs. But Umran can give you strength in the middle overs. This could prove to be a trump card for the captain. Umran’s pace can trouble the new batsman and can also slow down the pace of runs.

Umran Malik

Deepak Chahar and Arshdeep Singh cannot do such work in the middle order. In the IPL 2022 season too, Umran Malik was the highest Indian fast bowler with 22 wickets. After him Mohammed Shami took 20 and Harshal Patel took 19 wickets.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma can rotate Umran in the middle order, be it Ravichandran Ashwin or Yuzvendra Chahal, with him at any time. Umran gives you aggression in the middle overs. He does not allow the new batsman to settle at the crease and constantly troubles him with his pace.

Will be able to think of good results only after taking risk

This time the World Cup is to be played on Australian pitches. In such a situation, ignoring Siraj and taking Umran can be a big risk. Siraj also has experience of playing in Australia, but this was especially in the 2021-22 Test series. By the way, Siraj’s recent performance in T20 (including IPL) has not been good. He can only be the best in Tests, but he needs to think about limited overs.

However, Umran has proved to be the best in the T20 format. He can pile up any opposition team in 4 overs. He has improved himself a lot in this short format. Umran can prove to be a bowler in the World Cup, which most players have not faced. In such a situation, Umran can prove to be very fatal.

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