Urfi Javed made a video without wearing any clothes, covered body parts with the help of newspaper and then suddenly


Sometimes she does some strange things, but this time Urfi has crossed all limits. When the actress has posted the video without clothes. Yes, instead of clothes, something else has been seen in Urfi’s hand, due to which he has made Urfi Javed who is seen in limelight all the time. He loves to come in limelight.

If seen, in today’s time Ulfi Javid does not need any identity. Orvi knows what she has to do to stay in the limelight. Har Baar Urfi brings her own unique style to her fans, and she always stuns her fans with what she comes up with. If Urfi ever robbed the gathering with his torn clothes, he had covered himself.

This time we saw a different style of Urfi Javed which people might not have seen. This time Urfi took off his clothes and made a video. This time Urfi can be seen covering herself with a newspaper instead of a non-dyed cloth, possibly in an effort to be eco-friendly. This sales advice is written in Be Your Sales. The actress posted a video in response to her haters. In it, she speaks about her beliefs and why she chooses to wear the hat.

Some fans appear to be reacting with enthusiasm, while others appear more reserved. It is not clear why these different reactions exist, but it is interesting to see how fans are reacting to Urfi’s performance. Some called Urfi crazy and some were bold. Many people who enjoy coffee have become crazy about the Urfi style. In response to this alias post, a user wrote, Sent to Afghanistan. The same other user wrote that Urfi called this fashion sense shameless.

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