Urfi Javed once again raged on Sajid Khan, said – you have not even apologized – Urfi Javed shares video angry on Sajid Khan Bigg Boss 16 says you never apologised tmovk

Urfi Javed seems to be getting very angry with ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestant Sajid Khan. A few days ago, Urfi Javed shared the video and post on Instagram and said that even if I was invited to Bigg Boss house, I would not have gone because there is Sajid Khan. Urfi Javed considers it shameful to bring Sajid Khan on the reality show. Once again Urfi Javed’s anger has erupted on Sajid Khan. He says that even if you did all those things, you did not apologize. Although it doesn’t matter, it is better to say sorry than to do nothing.

Urfi scattered on Sajid
Urfi Javed has shared the video on Instagram. In this, he wrote that you never apologized, but always presented your actions with clarity. A simple apology can’t change anything, but it is better to say sorry than what you have done and the way you are protecting yourself. Along with this, Urfi Javed has posted a video of herself in the background, in which she is heard saying that now because Sajid Khan is getting a lot of attention.

“In such a situation, I want to remind all of you that Sajid Khan has not said sorry to any woman whom he has molested. Apart from this, Sajid Khan has not apologized to the country either. On the other hand, Sajid Khan He is telling himself clean. He is trying his best to save himself. He has never said sorry, nor has apologized to anyone. What can be done.”

Urfi had done posts before
In the posts that Urfi had shared earlier, he had said that it is not that I got an offer from Bigg Boss this year but if I had got it, I would have refused it. Shall we stop calling all sexual predators? I can’t even imagine what it must be like to see those girls who were harassed every day seeing him on TV. Urfi had also expressed his displeasure towards Bigg Boss in a post. Questioning Bigg Boss, he was asked why this has been done. it’s embarrassing. These people should know that such behavior is not right. Won’t you support everything a little for the sake of controversy?

Not one, but 9 women had made serious allegations against Sajid Khan under the MeToo movement, due to which Sajid had to face trolling for the last 4 years. Sajid’s career also came on the back foot. Shahnaz Gill, known as Katrina Kaif of Punjab, supported Sajid Khan in the premiere night of Bigg Boss, due to which people started trolling Shahnaz Gill as well.

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