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Filmmaker Sajid Khan is seen as a contestant in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. The games are also playing fine. Although Sajid Khan doesn’t seem to have more arguments or fights than any other contestant, Sajid Khan does get some screen time when the episode comes every night. Even if you don’t meet why the name Sajid Khan is so big.

Urfi posted against Sajid
Ever since Sajid Khan has gone inside the house, the controversy and trolling about him is not taking the name of stopping. Things are constantly being written against Sajid on Twitter and on the internet. Also, the trend is going on to get Sajid Khan out of the Bigg Boss house. Social media sensation aka Javed took out his anger and asked Sajid Khan that when he is inside the house, how can the girls present there feel safe? Apart from this, Sajid Khan was also called a sexual predator by Urfi Javed.

Urfi Javed shared the post

Now once again Urfi has targeted Sajid Khan. A post on social media setting Sajid Khan’s photo on fire is becoming very viral. The girl has a hand, she is holding a lighter in her hand and #MeToo (this is a social media movement against sexual abuse and harassment) is written on her wrist. It is written on it that get out Sajid Khan from Bigg Boss house soon. Urfi Javed has also shared this post. It is also written that although now people are not caring and neither the makers of the show, but those who are standing against us, they can definitely try.

Actually, before Urfi Javed, the same post was shared by Ali Zafar against Sajid Khan on Instagram. That is, Ali Zafar is also not supporting Sajid Khan inside the house of ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Even for Salman Khan, users say that how can he support Sajid Khan. Filmmaker’s sister and choreographer Farah Khan is a very good friend of Salman. In such a situation, even when Salman Khan knew everything, he made Sajid Khan a part of the reality show. Then there were evictions in the first week. Sajid Khan was nominated in it. The audience was also expecting that Sajid would be out, but Salman Khan surprised everyone when he told that no member is going to go out of the house in the first week.

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