Urfi Javed was revealed by Alia Bhatt calling her Pretty, netizens made fun of her, said – how much she throws..

Mumbai. Urfi Javed remains a topic of discussion on social media every day with her new style. Sometimes about his clothes and sometimes about his words. Now recently another video of her has surfaced, in which she is talking about Alia Bhatt. Urfi Javed, who came out in the city wearing a blue color cutout dress, did some chitchat with the paparazzi, a clip of which is going viral on social media and netizens are reacting fiercely to it.

In this video shared by Instant Bollywood, Urfi can be heard saying that she met Alia Bhatt at a party 5 years ago. During that time Alia called her Preity after seeing her, but Urfi could not answer anything and just kept wondering if Alia Bhatt really called her Preity. Urfi could not respond to the praise received from Alia, she was saddened by it and she herself described it as a weird child.

After watching this video, social media users also started giving their opinion. If you look at the comment box, more people have trolled Urfi for this. Someone is calling her a liar, while someone has told Rakhi Sawant to be better than Urfi and said that at least she entertains. One user wrote on this point of Urfi, “Yeh toh Rakhi came out even above Sawant, how much she throws”. Another wrote, “The mistake is with the man, he must be regretting it today”.

first published:Feb. 16, 2022, 3 pm

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