US Based Hindu Organization Asked Canada PM Trudeau To Respect Right Of Peaceful Protest

An Emergency Act has been imposed in Canada to deal with the Antivaccine Protest


Canada is currently battling with major protests against the Corona Vaccine and restrictions. Protesters led by truckers have blocked trucks in the Canadian capital Ottawa and blocked the Canada-US crossing at many places. To deal with this situation, Canada had to implement the Emergency Act. Responding to this, a US based Hindu organization has urged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to respect the right of people to protest peacefully.

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Utsav Chakraborty, executive director of the Hindupact organization, said, “I am sorry to hear about the news about the protests in Canada and the harsh methods and measures being taken to suppress them. The situation there is extremely worrying and we are all very concerned for our families and friends.

The Hindupact issued a statement urging Trudeau to respect the right of the Canadian people to protest peacefully.

The Hindu organization said that the right to peaceful protest is a fundamental right in any democracy. The announcement of an emergency order to suppress voices of dissent in Canada is a sad example.

The Hindupact also urged Trudeau and New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh not to equate the “swastika” with the Nazi symbol “Huckenkreuz”. The Swastika is considered an ancient and auspicious symbol for Hindus, Buddhist followers, Sikhs and many other communities around the world.

Both Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh had made statements in recent days accusing protesters of “waving the swastika”.

Utsav Chakraborty said, “We believe that this false rhetoric will create a feeling of hatred against Hindus and Sikhs. In the last one month, six Hindu temples were vandalized and looted in Canada.

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