US Navy ships suddenly reached Karachi, what is America and PAK’s plan? – US Coast guard ships reached karachi for joint exercises

Pakistan’s closeness with America is increasing continuously. Not long ago, $ 450 million in financial assistance to Pakistan was done by the US, to which India had also objected. After that recently an ambassador of Pakistan addressed PoK as Azad Kashmir. Now two US Coast Guard ships have reached Karachi Port for joint exercises with the Pakistani Army.

The US Naval Forces Central Command said about this that these two ships, which reached Pakistan, will not only share joint military exercises but also share technical information between the US and Pakistan. The statement further said that both the Navy ships that arrived in Karachi are part of the US 5th Fleet, responsible for maritime stability and security in the Middle East.

The US Navy’s Fifth Fleet is very important for America’s presence in the Middle East. Through this fleet, the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Red Sea and some parts of the Indian Ocean are also monitored. This area of ​​water is spread over 2.5 million square miles.

US Coast Guard Captain Eric Helgen, posted in South West Asia, said about this that we are very curious. He further said that the visit proved the close ties between the Pakistani Navy and the US 5th Fleet. The Coast Guard Captain further said that a large number of US Navy ships have reached Pakistan in the last several years, which shows the strength of the relationship between the US and Pakistan.

played volleyball
On reaching Karachi, members of the US Coast Guard met officials of the Pakistani Navy. During this, issues related to maritime security were also discussed. Apart from this, US Navy guests also played volleyball and football with Pakistani Navy personnel. At the same time, the US Coast Guard team also reached the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam (Mohammed Ali Jinnah) to pay tribute.

The close coordination between the US and Pakistan’s naval forces is the reason for Pakistan being a member of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). Let us tell you that 34 countries are members of the CMF, including the US 5th Fleet, whose headquarter is in Bahrain. The Vice Admiral of the US Navy is in charge of the CMF consisting of 34 countries.

Growing relations between America and Pakistan
In the last few days, many such things happened, in which the sweetness in American and Pakistani relations was seen increasing. Obviously, relations with America were never good during Imran Khan’s government in Pakistan, but as soon as Shahbaz government took power in Pakistan. Since then, the graph of the strength of the relationship between the two countries is increasing upwards. Analysts say that the US is also increasing closer with Pakistan to put pressure on India on Russia. Apart from this, there is also a concern of America that Pakistan may not go completely in the court of China.

The US had given financial assistance of $ 450 million to Pakistan some time ago. It was said from the US that this help has been given for the maintenance of the F-16 Fighter Fleet, because America’s policy is that if someone sells weapons, then he helps for further maintenance. However, India strongly objected to this help.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said in a stern tone that who are you fooling. The whole world knows for whom and where Pakistan will spend this money. On the other hand, America also tried its best to clarify in this matter and said that America sees the relationship with both the countries differently.

India’s objection to this financial help of America was not even pacified that a controversy erupted again in Islamabad regarding the visit of US Ambassador Donald Blom to the PoK area. In fact, while giving information about Donald Blom’s visit to PoK, the US Embassy in Pakistan addressed PoK as Azad Kashmir. Whereas India has been saying continuously that PoK is part of it.

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