US Sidelined Pakistan Saudi Arabia In Its National Security Strategy While Giving India A Bigger Role

The US is seen as reflecting a mutual desire to forge a separate US relationship with Pakistan. Pakistan has long complained that the US has only seen it as a “medium” to counter threats from Afghanistan and other countries.

In recent statements, US and Pakistani officials have stressed the need to distinguish it from both Afghanistan and India.

The US’s latest national security strategy does not mention Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. US officials have also acknowledged Pakistan’s desire to maintain its close ties with China and that is why there is a need to counter China’s influence in the region. For this, the American has made such a strategy.

The document described Russia as the second biggest threat to America’s global interests after China and condemned it for starting an unprovoked war on Ukraine.

The document said the two-pronged strategy underscores pandemics, climate change, inflation and economic insecurity. Increasing competition with major powers such as China and Russia is a major threat to US interests.

“If we lose time in this decade, we will not be able to keep pace with the climate crisis,” the document cautioned. It is also depicted as absolute power.

The documents depict India as the world’s largest democracy and a ‘major defense partner’ in realizing the US’ independent Indo-Pacific vision.

The absence of Saudi Arabia decided to reduce the production from there by two million barrels per day. Which added to the already high gas prices in the US.

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