Users furious after seeing Janhvi Kapoor’s latest gym look, said- ‘How to dress…

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor is often seen wreaking havoc on the hearts of her fans. From the social media posts of the actress, to her presence at the event, she becomes a part of the limelight. At the same time, Janhvi is seen motivating her fans for fitness after reaching the gym. In this episode, her latest spotted video (Janhvi Kapoor Spotted Video) is also making a lot of headlines, in which users are furious after seeing Janhvi’s gym wear.

The latest spotted video of Janhvi Kapoor has been posted by Vumpala on her official Instagram account. In which the diva is seen walking out of the gym with her sister Khushi Kapoor. During this, she can be seen wearing brown tights and a matching one shoulder crop top. The clothes of the actress are looking so tight that her body shape is emerging in it. Just seeing this, the trollers have become active once again and are seen commenting on Janhvi’s class.

Watch the video here-

Janhvi Kapoor’s viral video has got more than 43 thousand likes in the Instagram world so far. At the same time, commenting on this, a user has written, ‘How do you go out wearing clothes.’ Another wrote, ‘These people have so much money that they can keep their own gym and trainer, so what do these people come out to do.’ Another writes, ‘It is the same for these people to wear clothes and not wear them.’ Similarly, other users have also been seen taking a dig at the actress by making lewd comments.

first published:Feb. 19, 2022, 9:29 am

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