Vaishali Takkar Suicide Case: ‘…Otherwise my soul will not rest in peace’, Vaishali Thakkar was in pain before death, said goodbye by writing ‘I Quit’ – Vaishali Takkar Suicide note reveals shocking secret who is rahul allegedly harrassed her tmovh

Vaishali Takkar Suicide Case: TV actress Vaishali Thakkar is no more with us. At the age of 30, the actress saying goodbye like this is shocking to everyone. Vaishali left but left behind many questions. For example, who was troubling Vaishali? Who is the person Vaishali has mentioned in her suicide note? As the mystery of death is being solved, questions are being answered. In this report, we know about the person who forced Vaishali to commit suicide.

Who is responsible for Vaishali’s suicide?
Vaishali Thakkar has mentioned a person named Rahul in the suicide note. Vaishali was physically and emotionally harassed by Rahul. In the diary found by the police, Vaishali Thakkar has apologized to her mother and father. It is written that I could not become a good daughter. The diary also mentions a girl named Rahul and Ek Disha. The last words of the diary are ‘I Quit’. According to the police, the way Vaishali has written things in the diary, it seems that she was also in depression. For some time he was not even getting work. Although these things are still a matter of investigation, so the police has not reached any concrete conclusion yet. We do not confirm this suicide note of Vaishali.

What did Vaishali write in the suicide note?
Before we tell the details about Rahul, know what Vaishali wrote in the suicide note. I Quit Mother. Love you papa mama I’m sorry I couldn’t be a good daughter. Please get Rahul and his family punished. Mentally, Rahul and Disha tortured me for 2.5 years. Otherwise my soul will not get peace. You have my oath. Be happy. I love you very much. I’m sorry to tell Mitesh. I Quit.

Vaishali Thakkar suicide note
Vaishali Thakkar suicide note

Who is Rahul?
The person whom Vaishali has held responsible for his death is Rahul Navlani. According to media reports, Rahul is Vaishali’s neighbor. Who is a businessman by profession. Vaishali’s house is in Sai Bagh Colony of Indore. According to the police, Vaishali has ended her life because of Rahul. Vaishali was about to get married soon. During this, Rahul was harassing the actress. The police is investigating the case. According to Vaishali’s friend, she was about to get married in December. Vaishali taking a big step like suicide 2 months before marriage is shocking. This decision of Vaishali has created a sensation in the TV world.

Vaishali started her acting career with the serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. After this she appeared in shows like Sasural Simar Ka, Super Sisters, Vish Ya Amrit, Manmohini 2, Rakshabandhan. Vaishali had to fly higher in her career. But alas, Vaishali ended her life before that.

RIP Vaishali Thakkar.

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