Video of Vidya Balan taking a bath in the bathroom went viral, created havoc all over the internet

Video of Vidya Balan taking a bath in the bathroom went viral, created havoc all over the internet

Every day there is some trend on social media and many social media users and Bollywood celebrities are following this trend. Huh. Recently Vidya Balan followed the social media trend by sharing a very bold video of herself straight from the bathroom.


This video of Vidya Balan is quite popular on social media. In this video Vidya Balan is shown as the well-known director of the social media television series Anupama. Magazine “I will sing Ghoomu Phiroo Nachoon, go out, go alone, go with someone …”. You can see how she speaks.

Vidya Balan has shared this video on her Instagram account. Vidya Balan had made the video in her bathroom, and she had to put the conversation in her own words. He can be seen sitting in the side bathtub. Vidya Balan is also wearing a bathroom gown in this video.

Vidya Balan is very active on social media and she remains very active on social media. Keep following the fun trend going on here. A video of Vidya Balan being liked by her fans has gone viral, garnering over 131,000 likes on Io in a matter of hours.


Vidya Balan is a well-known Bollywood actress who has a polished style and strong acting skills. Vidya Balan’s movies are loved by many critics and fans alike. His fans appreciate his work as well as the quality of his films.

Vidya Balan has won several awards for her films, including the Filmfare Award and the Best Actress Award from the Indian Film Academy of Arts. Vidya Balan has been active in Lollywood for a long time and always remains in the headlines due to her strong statements in the media.

Vidya Balan always looks very stylish and her fans are loving it very much. She keeps sharing her pictures on social media every day and her look always impresses.

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