Vikram Vedha Movie Review – Vikram Vedha Review in Hindi Starring Hrithik Roshan Saif Ali Khan Radhika Apte

We all have been hearing the story of Vikram Betaal since childhood, how Betaal, by trapping King Vikramaditya in the web of his stories, raises such a question every time that the king has to answer it. Actually, Betaal had put a condition in front of King Vikramaditya that he would have to keep quiet and if he remained silent knowing the answer to the question, then Betal would break his head into pieces and he said, then Betal would again hang on the same tree, From where the king was dragging him to the yogi. Directed by Pushkar-Gayatri’s Vikram Vedha, Vikram stars Saif Ali Khan, a Special Task Force officer, and Vedha aka Betaal, gangster Hrithik Roshan. The director duo Pushkar-Gayatri has made a super hit film in Tamil with the same name. The original film starred R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. The director duo combined the mythological concept of Vikram-Betal with the cops and criminals to create a story where the line between good and evil gets blurred in the mind of the viewer. Is.

Story of Vikram Vedha (Vikram Veda Story)
If the story is seen like this, then it is a thief-police, where Vikram and his special task force are formed in order to capture the dreaded and vicious gangster Vedha and rein in its chaos. There, Vikram’s team is laying a trap to get the underground Vedha out of his bill, here Vedha herself appears and surrenders before the police and she presents Vikram’s lawyer wife Radhika Apte as his lawyer. does. After this, the mouse-cat game between Vikram-Vedha begins. In this game, Vikram’s best friend Abbas (Satyadeep Mishra), his wife and his entire team are involved, while on the other side Vedha’s side includes her brother Shatka (Rohit Saraf), Chanda (Yogita Bihani) and Bablu Bhaiya (Sharib Hashmi). Many members of the gang become part. Every time Vikram catches Vedha with his bravery, but Vedha complicates her in her stories and questions related to them in such a way that in the pursuit of finding their answer, Vikram realizes that white is not as much as it seems, and which He used to understand black as deep, that too is not that dark. Will Vikram finally be able to capture Vedha after this web of stories? You have to watch the movie to know this.

Review of Vikram Vedha (Vikram Veda Review)
The Pushkar-Gayatri film takes a long time to develop the plot. This is the reason why the first half of the film seems long and stretched. Hrithik Roshan’s entry is also late, but when Saif and Hrithik come face to face, then the story comes to life. In the second part, the film starts galloping with turns and twists. After every story of Hrithik, a question and a secret hidden in that question arouses interest. Director Pushkar-Gayatri in their jugalbandi has presented Kanpur-Lucknow in the backdrop of the film and there is no doubt that cinematographer PS Vinod’s camera lens gives an opportunity to see Lucknow and Kanpur in a different way. The action is hair-raising. Especially the chasing scene and the content scene of the railway yard. Yes, you can call the length of the film the shortcoming of the film. The love story of Saif-Radhika and Rohit-Yogita could have been developed a bit more in the film. Although the directors have not made any changes in the Hindi film as compared to the original film. Some questions in the film remain unanswered, like why is Vedha the messiah of her locality? Why does Chanda run away by stealing? e.t.c. But the climax of the film completely wins. The background score is strong. Talking about the music, Hrithik’s dance moves and choreographer’s excellent choreography is seen in the song Alcoholia, but you must be thinking that where did this song suddenly come from? Although Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai in the film, the song has been threaded very beautifully.

Vikram Vedha trailer

If it is said that Vikram Vedha is Hrithik’s film, then it will not be wrong. Hrithik has beautifully embodied both aspects of him as Vedha, a ruthless killer and an emotional brother. Hrithik’s entry is quite graceful, he manages to live up to the layers of his character. However, along with Hrithik, Saif also proves to be the second pillar of the film. He has played an honest cop brilliantly. Saif swinging between the duality of good and bad, Saif’s screen presence adds color to the encounter. Both these actors have been able to bring back the lost heroism in cinema with their artwork. Radhika Apte has done justice to her role in her limited screen space. The surprise package of the film is Sharib Hashmi. Sharib has always been a capable actor, but this time he has got a full chance to show his performance. He played it well too. Rohit Saraf looks good. Satyadeep Mishra, Yogita Bihani and the supporting cast are strong.

Why watch –This film can be seen for the fans of action-masala films and for the performance of Hrithik-Saif.

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