Viral Video Of Electric Poles Installed In Middle Of A Road Example Of Incompetence In Pakistan – Viral Video :

When there will be mist in winter, then the risk of accident here will increase even more.

buried in the middle of the road electric poles (Electric poles in the middle of a road) Video (Video) Pakistan in Pakistan Viral Happening. It not only raised questions on the safety of the passengers but also targeted the agency which erected the electric poles on the road. A user named Shama Junejo has shared this video on Twitter. It is clearly seen in this 46 second video that the electric poles have been crooked which is beyond any logic. This video was shot by a passenger. He had told how dangerous these pillars are and especially when there will be mist in winter, then the risk of accident will increase even more. It is seen in this video that the electric poles are not fixed in a straight line and are erected everywhere on the road. Due to this traveling on this road has become very dangerous.

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The driver of a car tells that this road is a main road and he also showed a place where the vehicle had an accident with an electric pole recently. It has been asked whether these pillars were engaged in the rule of Osman Buzdar or Chaudhary Parvez Elahi? Shama Junejo has asked in Urdu while sharing this video.

Chaudhary Parvez Elahi is the current Chief Minister of Punjab province of Pakistan while Usman Buzdar was the former Chief Minister of Pakistan. Social media users are angry after watching this video and have appealed to remove this problem immediately. Many people have also tweeted tagging the state government and the Prime Minister.

A user Athar Masood Wani tweeted, “This is a great example of how Pakistan is incompetent and irresponsible in every field.”

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