Virat Kohli fitness secrets: Want fitness like Virat Kohli? Follow this diet plan immediately, there will be a big benefit. Virat Kohli fitness secrets: Want fitness like Virat Kohli? Follow this diet plan immediately, there will be a big benefit

Virat Kohli Fitness, Diet Plan and Workout Routine: The speed with which cricket is being played at present, it seems almost impossible for any player to play in all three formats. However, Virat Kohli, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, has proved that if fitness is worked on then it is possible. Not only this, you will also get to see the benefit of being fit on other dimensions of the game, such as running between the wickets and the agility of a cheetah in excellent fielding.

Fitness was not visible in the Indian team a decade ago

About a decade ago, when the Indian team was seen, its weakest thing was seen to be fielding. Players who did not give much on the body, many times did not even try to stop the ball or else it remained just an effort because the players could not reach the right time. But it is Virat Kohli who changed his fitness and inspired not only the players of the team but also millions of youth across the country to pay attention to fitness.

Virat Kohli looked a little more healthy in the early days of his career, due to which Yuvraj started calling him Cheeku. However, he again focused on his fitness and brought such a change in himself that in today’s time if you want to make a place in Team India, then it is necessary to take fitness. The Yo-Yo Test and Prithvi Shaw’s constant exclusion from the team is an example of this.

Virat Kohli keeps himself fit like this

In such a situation, everyone wants to know about the chart of his diet plan and fitness routine to achieve fitness like Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli himself had disclosed this during an interview and told what he does so that he can keep himself fit.

Kohli said, ‘There was a time when I did not pay attention to diet and fitness, but in the last few years I worked hard and completely changed my eating habits. Now I am more disciplined than before. I always try to be well aware of the food I am taking. I keep things simple. I take no sugar, no gluten in my diet and try to avoid dairy as much as possible. Another trick that has helped me control my health is that I only fill 90 percent of my hunger capacity.

Significantly, it is not easy to do this for the people who love to eat Virat Kohli, but in the end when you do it, then you yourself get addicted to staying fit. I make sure that whatever I need to do, be it my diet, fitness routine, whether I am doing it or not. All these things make you realize that you can go beyond a limit.

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