Virus’s whereabouts are in these 35 apps! Millions of people are getting hurt by stealing money, delete them immediately

Some such dangerous apps have been found on the Google Play Store that are stealing people’s money, which are these apps, we are going to give you information about this in this article today. Let us tell you that millions of people have downloaded these apps on their smartphones.

Virus's whereabouts are in these 35 apps!  Millions of people are getting hurt by stealing money, delete them immediately

Android Apps: These apps are dangerous, remove them from the phone immediately (symbolic picture)

Android Apps always make headlines for their security, Google from time to time identifies such apps which can prove to be dangerous for users and works to remove them from Play Store. Let us tell you that now Google has identified 35 such dangerous apps which contained viruses and these viruses were working to steal users’ money. Today in this article we are going to tell you the names of these apps so that if any of these apps is present in your smartphone too, then you can delete such virus app from your phone immediately.

According to a blog post by cyber security firm Bitfinder, 35 Android apps have been found on the Google Play Store which are dangerous and have been downloaded by more than 2 million people. These apps are so dangerous that they keep changing their name as well as redesigning their icon to hide their identity.

apps stealing money

These apps have discovered a new trick to install malware i.e. virus in the device, virus is not being put inside these apps because if Google caught it already then these apps will be straight out. For this reason, now these apps show such aggressive AIDS and if users click on these AIDS then malware i.e. virus gets installed in their phone.

These apps show AIDS as original so that they continue to earn from AIDS, but they mix these AIDS with their virus in such a way that if someone clicks on them by mistake, the virus went directly to the device. Once the virus is installed on your device, then these apps are just used to track your sensitive data and steal your money. If any of the below mentioned apps are present in your phone, then immediately remove that app from your phone.

  1. Big Emoji Keyboard 100K
  2. Walls light Wallpapers Pack
  3. Engine Wallpapers Live & 3D
  4. Grad Wallpapers 3D Backdrops
  5. EffectMania Photo Editor
  6. Stock Wallpapers 4K & HD
  7. Fast Emoji Keyboard
  8. Art Filter Deep Photoeffect
  9. Math Solver Camera Helper
  10. Create Sticker for Whatsapp
  11. Led Theme Colorful Keyboard
  12. Photopix Effects Art Filter
  13. Smart Wifi
  14. Keyboard Fun Emoji, Sticker
  15. Image Warp Camera
  16. My GPS Location
  17. Cat Simulator
  18. Art Girls Wallpaper HD
  19. Colorize Old Photo
  20. Smart QR Creator
  21. Girls Art Wallpaper
  22. GPS Location Finder
  23. GPS Location Maps
  24. Smart QR Scanner
  25. Secret Horoscope
  26. Volume Control
  27. Animated Sticker Master
  28. Smart GPS Location
  29. Sleep Sounds
  30. Personality Charging Show
  31. Media Volume Slider
  32. QR Creator
  33. Colorize Photos
  34. Phi 4K Wallpaper – Anime HD
  35. Secret Astrology

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