Vladimir Putin Announces 13 Lakh To Russian Mothers For Having 10 Children To Revive Population

Russia: Many countries in the world are troubled by the increasing population, while the population of some countries is decreasing. Now in the meantime, a country has issued such an order, due to which there has been a ruckus in the world. If you also know about this order, then you will be surprised. The biggest thing is that you will not even believe it, but it is completely true. You will be shocked to know the name of the country too.

In fact, due to the declining population in Russia, President Vladimir Putin has made a surprising announcement. This order of Putin is also being criticized in the world. The President of Russia has asked the women of the country to have 10 or more children to overcome the crisis of declining population in the country. Russia’s population is continuously decreasing, seeing that President Putin has made this big announcement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made another announcement along with the directive. The government of Russia will give 13 thousand pounds (13 lakh rupees) to the mothers for the upbringing of 10 children. Experts say that Putin has given this instruction to overcome the increased demographic crisis caused by Russia-Ukraine. Some experts say that Russia has taken this decision out of desperation.

The population crisis in Russia has arisen due to the Corona epidemic and the war with Ukraine. To get the country out of this crisis, Russia has made such an offer to the women of the country. The President said that if the women of the country give birth to 10 children, they will be given the ‘Mother Heroine’ award. Under this scheme, the government will give 13 lakh rupees to women as a reward.

But this award will be given only to women who are citizens of the Russian Federation. It has also been said in the directive of the government that even if the son of a mother dies in an emergency situation and terrorist attack, then this honor will be given to him.

Know what is Mother Heroine Award

The Mother Heroine Award was started in Russia in the year 1944. The plan was initiated by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. When Stalin started this scheme, the population of the Soviet Union was decreasing very rapidly. At that time the government had started such a scheme to deal with the crisis of declining population. But the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, after which the Russian government stopped this plan. Now once again the government of Russia has started this scheme.

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