‘Was Laughing at Me’, the blockbuster hit film that its hero got paid less than the makeup artist – Christian Bale got paid less than his makeup artists for American Psycho tmopp

Christian Bale, one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, has played many strong characters in his career. Christian is counted among the best Batman ever. Christian Bale did a tremendous job in the 2000 film American Psycho. The film was well received and today it is considered a classic movie. Years later, now Christian Bale has revealed that he was paid less than he needed for this film.

Christian got less money than a makeup artist

Christian Bale told in an interview that he had given less money to the actor than what the legal team of the film was allowed to give him. Christian revealed that at that time he thought he was short of money. However, later she came to know that she has been paid less than all her makeup artists.

In a conversation with GQ Magazine, Christian Bale said, ‘To be honest, I took a lot of time to do that. And paid me a price far less than what he was legally allowed to pay. I had a house which I shared with my father and sister. He was also taking away from me. So the first thing in my mind was that man, I need some money, because I have done American Psycho.

He further said, ‘But I remember once I was sitting in the make-up room and all the make-up artists were laughing at me because I was being paid less than all of them. So after that this was my motivation. The only thing in my mind was that I have to earn enough money so that I can save my house from being snatched from us.

Why was less money given?

On this Christian Bale was asked why the makers were paying him less money for the film. Bell said, ‘People had a problem with me being in it (American Psycho). Apart from the director, no one wanted me to do this film. So he said that if I agree to take that much money then only he will make this film. I was preparing for this film when other people were acting in it. Still I was preparing. I was very upset. But then I had won my work back.

The film American Psycho, which came in the year 2000, was produced by Mary Harron. In this horror film, Christian Bale played the character of a man named Patrick Bateman. Patrick happens to be an investment banker based in New York who is leading a double life. His second form was that of a serial killer. His work is appreciated till date. The film’s story was based on the 1991 book of the same name by author Brett Easton Ellis. Soon Christian Bale will be seen in the film Amsterdam. It will come on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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