Watch Video Of Nine Slips In Place For This Bowler, And People Are Amused Suddenly the bowler put 9 fielders in the slip, then something like this happened

Wonderful! Suddenly the bowler put 9 fielders in the slips

Viral video in Cricket: Sometimes some such scenes are seen on the cricket field which surprises you. One such sight was seen in the European Cricket League, when the bowler made not one but 9 players stand in the slips while bowling, this video is becoming very viral on social media. Actually, this sight was seen in the match between Romania and Norway. Defending the score of 97 in this video that surfaced on social media, Norway put 9 fielders in the slip, anyone who saw this sight was stunned.

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Normally 4 fielders are raised in the slip in Test cricket, but in this match, the bowler put 9 fielders in the slip, seeing this, the batsman’s senses were also blown away. Although the batsman scored runs by hitting shots on the off side, but this field placement done by this bowler won the hearts of the fans. Actually, when the bowler made 9 fielders stand in the slip, he tried to offer the batter with a smile on his face, but the batsman saved his wicket on this ball by scoring a shot in the off-side.

Talking about the match, Norway made an aggressive fielding to save the score of 97 runs in the match of 10 overs, Romania could only score 54 runs in 10 overs for the loss of 7 wickets and lost the match. In Group D, Norway, batting first, scored 97 runs for the loss of 8 wickets, in which Raza Iqbal scored 29 runs and Pratish Thangavdivel scored 16 runs.

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