We need to increase the number of good institutions in higher education, says Anand Mahindra

New Delhi: Veteran industrialist and Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra often remains in the headlines due to his tweets. This time he has shared the list of countries which have the highest number of top universities in the world. Of the world’s 500 universities, 87 are in the US, 49 in the UK, 37 in Germany, 26 in Australia and 26 in China. There are only eight universities in India in this list. India is joint 16th in this list. Many small countries are ahead of India in this list. These include Canada, Japan, Korea, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Taiwan, Switzerland and Belgium.

Mahindra has shared the ‘World of Statistics’ list in his tweet. Along with this, he wrote, ‘I believe that the long-term consistency of innovative capacity and productivity growth of any country is related to this, then how much is the number of higher learning there and how is their quality. We need to move up the list. That is, they clearly indicate that India needs top institutions providing quality education in large numbers. Many business houses in India are also working in the field of higher education. These include Mahindra University’s Mahindra Group. But India’s expenditure on education is very less as compared to other countries.

spending on education in india
Expenditure on education in India was just 3.1 per cent of GDP in 2021-22 and 2.8 per cent in 2019-20. This is less than many other countries. It is 6.3 per cent of GDP in Brazil, 5.9 per cent in South Africa and 5.4 per cent in the UK. The global average is 4.2%. However, the government says that in future there is a plan to spend on education at six per cent of GDP.

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