What did the student of the school from where the hijab controversy started, said on the SC’s decision? – hijab supreme court verdict muslim student reaction ntc

On Thursday, the Supreme Court gave its order on the Karnataka hijab controversy, but because the verdict was not unanimous, no conclusion could be drawn. On one hand, Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia spoke of setting aside the decision of the Karnataka High Court, while Justice Hemant Gupta on the other hand agreed to continue the ban. Now this matter has gone to the big bench of the Supreme Court itself.

Judgment welcomed, Justice Dhulia praised

By the way, many types of reactions are being seen on this split dictum of the Supreme Court as well. A student of Udupi Government College, who opposed the hijab ban, expressed happiness that Justice Sundhashu Dhulia’s decision has protected constitutional principles. It has been written by tweeting that this decision has protected the rights of the victim girls. Justice Dhulia’s statement has raised hopes about a fair verdict. Thousands of hijab-wearing girl students are waiting to start their studies once again.

What did the judges say on the verdict?

For information, let us tell you that Justice Hemant Gupta wrote a 136-page judgment in this case. At the same time, Justice Dhulia wrote a separate judgment in 73 pages. Justice Hemant Gupta wrote in his judgment that secularism has to be understood in a different way. The encroachment of religion in secular activities cannot be accepted. At the same time, Justice Dhulia wrote that discipline is necessary in schools, but not at the cost of freedom and dignity. Asking a college student to remove the hijab at the door is a violation of her privacy and dignity. But for now in this matter because the opinion of the two judges was different, in such a situation, Chief Justice of Supreme Court UU Lalit will constitute a new bench for this.

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