What is the third world war going to break out between Russia and Ukraine war? Increased apprehension – World war 3 indications after global leader countries statements amid russia ukraine nuclear threats tlifws

The war between Russia and Ukraine has divided the countries of the world into two factions. The war has increased so much that threats of atomic bombs are being given continuously to destroy everything. International organizations are appealing for peace, but looking at the situation, it does not seem that this unrest spread across the world will soon take the form of peace. The latest example of this is Russia’s deadliest attack in Ukraine in the past, in which 11 people have been reported dead. If the tension continues like this, then there is a fear that it may turn into a third world war. In the last few days, many countries and global leaders have expressed the possibility of a third world war.

Former US President Donald Trump has recently warned about the danger of the use of nuclear weapons. Donald Trump said about nuclear war that there will be nothing left in the world, and all this will happen because of arrogant people who do not know what they are doing.

Donald Trump said that we should immediately appeal for dialogue to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine, otherwise it will all end with the third world war and nothing will be left in the world.

Trump’s statement came after Joe Biden’s statement, in which the US President warned of the danger of nuclear war for the first time in 60 years. US President Joe Biden said that this is the first time since the Cuban missile attack that the threat of a nuclear attack has increased. Biden also said in a statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin was not joking about the nuclear attack.

Belarus increased the power of Russia, Poland gave a statement on nuclear
The war between Russia and Ukraine is now taking the form of a war between many countries. The Belarusian army will support Russian troops in the war against Ukraine. Recently, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko met Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The President of Belarus said that we were ready for this for decades, if needed, we will respond. However, the Defense Minister of Belarus rejected the involvement in the war against Ukraine and said that we do not want to fight with anyone.

Let us tell you that Belarus shares a border of about 1000 km with Ukraine. In such a situation, if Russia attacks Ukraine from Belarus, then it will be able to easily infiltrate the western part of Ukraine. Russian troops also took the help of Belarus in the attack in Ukraine on 24 February. It is believed to have used Belarus from Russia as a launch pad for missile and drone attacks against Ukraine.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin also threatened the use of nuclear weapons, after which the reactions of different countries regarding nuclear also started coming. Poland, which is helping Russia, accuses Russia of making Belarus a base for its nuclear weapons. In such a situation, Poland demanded from America that the US should also send its nuclear weapons to Poland.

However, the White House said that no such demand has come to them. But if Poland’s accusation of Russia turns out to be correct or American nuclear weapons go to Poland, then it will be a violation of the NPT i.e. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the NATO-Russia Act of 1997.

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) estimates that 100 of America’s nuclear weapons are in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Turkey after the Cold War. Poland has raised this issue at a time when for the first time in the last 60 years, the situation is being created to use nuclear weapons.

Putin made a big announcement
During the war with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that he was ready to use any force to defend the Russian border. This warning of Vladimir Putin was directly linked to the threat of a nuclear attack. The US also strongly objected to this statement of the Russian President and warned that if Putin used nuclear weapons in this war, it would have disastrous consequences.

However, after Putin’s statement, there was a stir in the whole world and discussion started that if this happens then what will be the result and whether the third world war is going to start.

On Monday, Russia continuously fired missiles at Ukraine
Vladimir Putin is not yet ready to stop the war with Ukraine. He gave an example of this with the continuous missile attacks in many major Ukrainian cities in the past. In Russia’s heavy attack, many people lost their lives and a large number of people were also injured.

This attack was done on the Russian side, when recently there was an explosion on the Crimea Bridge, which is called a symbol of pride in Russia. Russia has told Ukraine’s hand behind this attack, while Ukraine has rejected this allegation.

West fighting World War 3 with Russia
Fiona Hill, a former adviser on Russian affairs in the White House, made such a statement about World War 3 that everyone’s eyes were fixed on her. Fiona Hill said that in the current situation, the Western countries have already started a world war with Russia. Fiona Hill said that we have been in this situation for a long time, we just did not recognize it.

How the war between Russia and Ukraine is dividing into two factions
Ever since the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out, the world has been in turmoil. Diplomatically in the war, some countries are seen giving Ukraine and some with Russia, while there are many countries including India, which are not in either side and appeal to both the countries to find a solution through talks. are doing.

America and European countries are taking tough steps against Russia, which is fighting the war with Ukraine. Due to the war, many types of economic sanctions have also been imposed on Russia. There is pressure from Western countries, including Asian countries, which are doing business with Russia.

Talking about the big Asian countries, China, which has a tussle with America, is obviously inclined towards Russia, then India and Pakistan are talking about not being on either side. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the SCO meeting to end the war.

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