When Jitendra was crowded with Rishi Kapoor for daughter Ekta… know the reason

Jitendra-Rishi Kapoor Fight: Late actor Rishi Kapoor is no more with us. The veteran started his acting career at a very young age and entertained audiences for almost five decades. Many stories and stories related to him are often heard on social media. Meanwhile, in this article today, we will know about the story when Jitendra was crowded with his best friend Rishi Kapoor because of his daughter Ekta Kapoor.

Jitendra and Rishi Kapoor were considered the real Jai-Veeru of the film industry, both used to have fun together with fellow actor Rakesh Roshan. Actually there used to be a tremendous bonding between these three stars. Jitendra Rape Case: Jitendra has been accused of rape, in a state of intoxication with his own sister….

In the year 2003, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor worked in Jeetendra’s daughter Ekta Kapoor’s film ‘Kuch To Hain’. Actually it is a matter of time when Rishi did not have work, in such a situation he had given Ekta yes to work in the film. Rishi was given the role of a policeman in the film. After half the shooting of the film, Ekta gave a negative shade to Rishi Kapoor’s character, which Rishi did not like but he did not say anything.

The director changed many times during the shooting of the film, while many changes were made in the story of the film after. This is the reason why Rishi Kapoor was not at all happy with this film and after its release, the film also proved to be a super flop. Jitendra White Dress: Know why Jitendra used to wear white clothes? The actor himself gave the reason

After the film flopped, Rishi Kapoor was asked in an interview that if you are a seasoned artist of the industry, how did you say yes to such a light film? In response to this, Rishi told reporters that ‘Yes, it was my fault, I should not have done such a film.’ He further said that ‘the director of TV made the mistake of mistaking this film as a TV serial. But the truth is that movies are not made like this. They have to mature a bit.

When Jitendra saw this interview of Rishi Kapoor, he got very angry and called Rishi Kapoor directly and shouted a lot and said to Rishi that how can you speak about my daughter like this? When Ekta will see your interview, she will feel so bad. Ekta Kapoor has become an unmarried mother at the age of 47 due to Jitendra’s mistake

After this incident, there was a rift in the years old friendship between Jitendra and Rishi Kapoor which lasted for many years. Tell that Rishi himself had mentioned this story in his biography.

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