When Sanjay Dutt had a relationship with the daughter-in-law of the Bachchan family, then had to do this work overnight

When Sanjay Dutt had a relationship with the daughter-in-law of the Bachchan family, then had to do this work overnight

Esha Gupta was last seen in the web series Ashram 3. In this web series, Esha Gupta had tempered her boldness and Esha Gupta’s chemistry with Bobby Deol was well-liked.

Esha Gupta entertained the audience a lot with her performances. Esha Gupta keeps sharing her pictures on social media every day, due to which the discussions of her boldness remain in the headlines.


Let us tell you that Sanjay Dutt is one of the famous actors. Sometimes because of his films and sometimes because of his pictures, he remains in the discussion. He is in the news because of his love. There were reports of Sanjay Dutt’s affair with Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

However, he was forced to marry someone else because of his obligation towards his sisters. This means that their love remained incomplete. This revelation about the actor has made many headlines.


If we talk about the revelations, it is clear that actor Sanjay Dutt was fascinated by world beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan even though she did not reciprocate her feelings. However, he had to suppress his feelings.

This is because his sisters have asked him to stay away from Aishwarya Rai. The sisters of the actor said this because Sanjay Dutt was in jail and court circles at that time. His sisters did not want Aishwarya Rai to face any trouble because of Sanju Baba. After which Sanjay Dutt also considered it necessary to keep distance from Aishwarya for her well being.


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