Wherever you go, you will know; This is how the location of every moment of the flight is found. Bernard Arnault Private Jet Live Track Location; What Is ADS-B Technology

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Bernard Arnault, the world’s second richest man and owner of fashion group Louis Vuitton, has sold his private jet. Some Twitter handles used to track his flight continuously. Wherever he went, everyone would know. Bernard says that now no one can see where he is going, because he will now prefer to go by rented jet.

After this story of Bernard Arnault, some questions are arising. For example, can the location of any flights be tracked live? What technology is used to find the location of a plane flying in the air and how can you know which plane is passing over your head? You will know the answer to these questions in Bhaskar Explainer.

Question-1: Why was the second richest person in the world forced to sell the jet?

Bernard Arnault usually preferred to travel in his private jet.

Bernard Arnault usually preferred to travel in his private jet.

answer : Bernard Arnault of France is considered the godfather of the modern luxury fashion industry. He is the founder, chairman and largest shareholder of Louis Vito Moet Hennessy, ie LVMH, the world’s largest fashion group. According to Forbes, he is the second richest person in the world with a net worth of $150 billion.

Bernard told in an interview on Monday that whenever I go anywhere on my private jet, some Twitter accounts like ‘I Fly Bernard’ and ‘Bernard’s Airplane’ immediately share the location of our jet. He told that these accounts were made solely to keep an eye on the activity of the jet aircraft. This was affecting my privacy.

Arnault said that due to all these incidents, we have decided to sell our private jet. He says that now he would like to go by rented jet. That is, now no one will be able to tell about them where they are going.

Arnault has faced a lot of criticism for using a private jet in France. Some Twitter accounts regularly tracked their flights and said how much pollution they are creating by flying this jet.

Question-2: Can we find real time location of planes like train?

answer : Yes, like train, we can also find real time location of planes. To see the real time location of a plane, we have to resort to flight tracking website. These tracking websites tell us about the exact location of that plane.

Flight-tracking technologies are revolutionizing the aviation industry. Previously, tracking a plane usually had to rely on airport data, but the accuracy of this data was low.

Now data is taken directly from the plane using a new method. All this has been made possible due to the use of Automatic Independent Surveillance Broadcast Technology (ADS-B) in the new aircraft.

Question-3 : What is the ADS-B technology that detects the location of aircraft?

answer : ADS-B technology is a system that was previously designed only for pilots, so that they can monitor air traffic with greater accuracy.

This system informs the pilot about the area whether it is a mountainous area or plain or sea along with other information. Also, this system keeps them updated about the weather.

It also gives information about the speed of the aircraft, at what altitude it is flying and which other aircraft it has. This includes airspace information as well as ADS-B aircraft reports.

But in today’s time it is also being used to know the real location of the aircraft. It was first used by the US Federal Aviation Administration in 2002. In 2012, the European Aviation Safety Agency of the European Union also started using it. Now almost all the airlines of the world have started using it.

Automatic Independent Surveillance Broadcast Technology (ADS-B) installed in aircraft.

Automatic Independent Surveillance Broadcast Technology (ADS-B) installed in aircraft.

Question 4 : How does the ADS-B technology for tracking aircraft work?

answer : Before understanding ADS-B technology, we need to know about GPS i.e. Satellite Based Navigation System.

Our smart phone or any GPS unit has a GPS receiver, which receives the signal sent from the satellite. Each GPS satellite orbiting the Earth keeps sending signals after a certain time interval. In this signal, the current position of that satellite and the time of sending the signal are recorded.

Atomic clock is used in each satellite for accurate calculation of time. Atomic clocks are those clocks that can tell the correct time for millions of years. When the signals sent by these satellites come in contact with a GPS receiver on the ground, the receiver receives and reads these signals.

As soon as the GPS receiver receives these signals. So the receiver deducts the time of sending the signal from the time of receiving the signal and finds out how far and at which location the satellite sending the signal is present. That is, on this basis, we know about a train or our cab, where they are in real time.

The ADS-B technology in the aircraft acts as a GPS receiver. Also acts as a link between the receiver on the ground. That is, the GPS first sends a signal to the ADS-B transponder mounted on the aircraft. After this the transponder sends the information of its real location to the receiver on the ground. Based on this, we get to know the real time location of the aircraft.

Question-5 : What if an aircraft goes out of range of ADS-B?

answer : If the flight destination is known, the position of an aircraft flying out of coverage can be estimated up to 2 hours later. If the destination of the aircraft is not known, then the situation can be estimated up to 10 minutes later.

This estimate is usually accurate, but can be within 100 km for longer flights. There is also a parameter option for how long you want to see that plane on the map.

Question 6 : Can aircraft be tracked without ADS-B?

answer : Aircraft that do not have an ADB-S system are tracked by radar. The position of aircraft can also be detected through multilateration ie MLAT.

MLAT works on the method of Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA). However, MLAT can only track aircraft flying above 3,000-10,000 feet.

Question 7 : How can we track an aircraft?

answer : There are many flight tracking websites to track planes. There are websites like Flight Radar 24, Flight Status and Plane Finder.

Flight Radar 24 : This app turns your phone and tablet into a live plane tracker. You can see flights from around the world moving in real-time on the map. Can you find out where the plane is going? And which company’s aircraft is that?

By clicking on these planes shown on the Flight Radar 24 app, you can find out where this plane is going.  Also where have you reached now?

By clicking on these planes shown on the Flight Radar 24 app, you can find out where this plane is going. Also where have you reached now?

Flight Status : This is also a real time flight tracking app. In this, you have been given the facility to track according to flight number, airport and route.

Flight Status : In this app, the facility to track flight number, airport and route has been given. Here in the States page, information about the flight schedule will be found, in which information about flight arrival and departure has been given.

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