Who followed Bhojpuri actress Sambhavna Seth on her way? Said- I got scared… – bhojpuri actress Sambhavna seth stalked by a boy got scared tmova

Sambhavna Seth has been a famous star of Bhojpuri industry. Nowadays the actress is enjoying her life to the fullest. Sambhavna also keeps posting these funny videos on her YouTube channel. Sambhavna wants to stay connected with people through vlog videos. That’s why she keeps telling small and big things related to her life to the fans. Recently Sambhavna shared an incident that happened with her.

someone chased the possibility
Sambhavna Seth has shared her new video. The actress is often seen coming somewhere along with her husband in every video. But this time Sambhavna was seen walking on the road alone. Sambhavna also had to face a strange incident during this time. Somebody chased the actress. Sambhavna also got very nervous about this.

Sambhavna told in the video that her husband has come back after jogging, and is now going out of his work. Sambhavna could not sleep through the night, because her dog Coco was ill. That’s why she will now go on a walk. While stating this, the fun of husband and wife also continued equally. After this Sambhavna went on walk. Although the time had passed, Sambhavna did not want to spoil her routine. Chances have gone a long way. Meanwhile, a boy harassed him a lot. Sambhavna was very sad about this.

chances are tight

Sambhavna told that the boy would sometimes stop in front of them, sometimes behind them. He kept on following them continuously. Sambhavna was also very upset with the fact that the boy had made a video call to his acquaintances and showed them to them. Sambhavna became quite uncomfortable with this thing. Sambhavna said that I believe that this is the love of you people, I understand it. But everything looks good to an extent. Every person needs his own space. Today I got very angry because he started harassing me. Suddenly he came in front and started trying to talk. Sambhavna was very scared of this.

Sambhavna Seth is one of those actors who do not shy away from giving their opinion. She is known for her impeccable style. Sambhavna has also participated in season 8 of Bigg Boss. The actress was seen living in a very domineering way even inside the house. Some time ago, Sambhavna had also expressed heartache to her fans through a video. Sambhavna had told how she has been trying for a child for five years, but has failed.

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