Who is ‘Mr. Mayhem’, to whom Putin handed over the command of Ukraine war? – russia president vladimir putin who is general sergei surovikin ukrain war command ntc

President Vladimir Putin has handed over the command of the Ukraine war to an important military officer after the attack on the Crimea Bridge, which is called the pride of Russia. Putin has now appointed General Sergei Surovikin as commander of the Ukraine war. This decision, taken only hours after the attack on the bridge, has given an important indication about Russia’s strategy for the war.

There was a dangerous attack on Crimea’s Karz Strait Bridge on 8 October. When the attack took place, a cargo train was passing through the bridge. The flames of the bombing on this train further incited this war. Russia called the attack on the bridge a “terrorist attack”. Accusing Ukraine of attack, Russia fired missiles quickly.

General Sergei Surovikin is believed to be the brain behind the way the bombs are being rained on Ukraine after the attack. General Surovikin is also called by his people as ‘General Armageddon’ i.e. ‘General who brought destruction’.

General Surovikin is counted as a ‘brutal military officer’. The world has seen his brutality and barbarism in wars with Afghanistan, Chechnya, Tajikistan and Syria.

Who is General Surovikin?

Sergei Surovikin was born on 11 October 1966 in Siberia. In 1987, Surovikin graduated from the Omsk Higher Military Command School. After this he took part in the Soviet-Afghan War.

In August 1991, he was made the commander of a battalion. In August 1991, when there was a coup attempt in Russia (then the Soviet Union), he ordered his battalion to crush pro-democracy protesters. Three protesters were killed in this action. For this, Surovikin was also imprisoned for 7 months. He was later released on the orders of the then President Boris Yeltsin.

In September 1995, Surovikin was sentenced to one year for illegal arms sales. The court later reversed this decision, as Surovikin argued that he had given a pistol to his partner to participate in the competition and did not know what he was going to do with the pistol.

After this Surovikin was sent to fight the war in Tajikistan. Its command was also handed over to him.

Two big allegations in 2004

In 2004, there were two major charges against Surovikin. The first charge was made in March by Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Chibizov. Chibizov alleged that Surovikin assaulted him for voting for the wrong candidate. In April, Colonel Andre Shtkal committed suicide by shooting himself in Surovikin’s presence. However, in both these cases no evidence was found against Surovikin.

There was devastation in Syria

When civil war broke out in Syria in 2017, America and Russia also entered this war. Russia was in support of Bashar al-Government, while the US wanted to remove him from power. Russia handed over the command of this war in Syria to General Surovikin.

This war was completely overturned by Surovikin’s entry into the battle. By the end of 2017, Russia had taken control of more than 50 percent of Syria’s territory. At that time many military analysts said that Surovikin was the one who turned the war.

In September 2017, Putin appointed Surovikin as Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Force. After this, the city of Aleppo in Syria was heavily bombed. Surovikin was held responsible for the destruction of Aleppo.

A month later, Putin awarded Surovikin with the ‘Hero of the Russian Federation’ award for his outstanding work in Syria.

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