Who is the first female DJ of Pakistan? Why do we get rape and death threats – DJ Neha Khan first female Dj pakistan cinema gets rape and death threats tmovk

Even today there are many such places, where women are tried to be suppressed for something or the other. On the one hand, the world is trying to make its thinking bigger. On the other hand, there are many people who point fingers at women. Comments about their rights and does not miss to say good and bad to them. Even in Pakistan, women are not allowed to progress the way they want to do things in their careers. Dreams are big, but do not want to give any chance to fulfill them. One of them is also DJ Neha Khan.

Neha Khan is the only DJ artist of Pakistan
Neha Khan is the first and only female DJ of Pakistan. Apart from Pakistan, it is famous for its electronic music all over the world. Neha Khan came in Momina mixed plate. This was the first interview of Neha Khan which she gave in the video. From career to how he got rape and death threats after becoming a DJ, he also spoke openly about it.

Neha Khan does not like to talk much, but she prefers to challenge her limits. Describing when Neha got interested in music, Neha said that I had gone to Canada, where I started listening to house music. Me and a friend of mine used to go to clubs a lot and listen to house music there. For about four years, this process continued every weekend and in free time. When Neha Khan started living in Toronto, she installed two speakers in a basement room. She used to listen to house music on those speakers every time she was eating, bathing, sleeping, studying. Slowly it turned into a passion.

Neha Khan returned to Pakistan after completing her communication studies. There, when he started playing house music in a loud voice, people scolded him. where to stop We don’t like it. Shutting herself in the room, she started listening with earphones on. After some time with the help of some friends I got a chance to play one. From there I started doing DJ. This is what I have been doing for the last two or three years, nothing else.

Neha received death threats
Neha Khan told that since she became a DJ in a place like Pakistan, which is seen as a male dominated society, many women have messaged. He has told how I inspire him. This gives Neha a lot of strength, but there are times when you have to listen to people’s taunts too. Describing her challenge, Neha said that in the year 2021, she was playing in a festival (Hunza) in the month of June. Everyone liked the play. She slept well at night, thinking how much people had enjoyed, but Neha didn’t know the next day was going to be a scary one for her. When Neha woke up in the morning, she got many calls. Messages arrived. The messages contained death threats. Neha could not go back to Pakistan, as she was getting threats to eliminate her at the airport itself.

At the festival, Neha Khan and her team were accused of spreading a lot of dirt in Hunza. Throwing garbage, after which he got such messages. Neha also came on target because there were 5 male and only Neha female artist in that festival. Neha still has only one thing in her mind that not many people pass the smile after seeing her, because she is a female DJ artist from Pakistan. Even today, Neha’s profession is seen like a taboo in Pakistan.

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