Why did India not vote against China in UNHRC? – china uyghur muslim UNHRC reject india abstain vote reason ntc

A resolution brought against China in the United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday fell. The Western countries had prepared a proposal regarding the atrocities on the Uighur Muslims of China. But yesterday that proposal did not get enough votes in the UNHRC and had to be rejected. The big thing is that India did not participate in the voting process itself. Along with him, some other countries also distanced themselves from voting.

Why didn’t India vote against China?

Now the Ministry of External Affairs has made it clear in a statement that India never believes in ‘Country-Specific Resolutions’. It has been said that India has always respected human rights. At the same time, India’s not voting on this issue in the UNHRC is in line with its old stand where it has been clearly stated that ‘Country-Specific Resolutions’ never prove to be helpful. In such a situation, India’s stand in matters is that a solution should be found through dialogue.

In the statement, India has also made it clear that it is fully aware of the situation of Uighur Muslims. He also respects their rights. It is hoped that the appropriate party will resolve this issue.

Who had brought the resolution against China?

For information, let us tell you that countries like Canada, Denmark, Finland Iceland, Sweden, UK and America had brought a resolution against China. Countries like Turkey also gave their support to this proposal. The issue was that Uighur Muslims are being persecuted in the Xinjiang region of China. But on the day of voting, many other countries like China, Pakistan, Nepal voted against this proposal, while India, Brazil, Mexico, Ukraine and eight other countries abstained from voting.

India did not come under any pressure

But the important thing is that India has not participated in voting because of any pressure or fear, but this has always been India’s strategy. Whenever it comes to the internal issue of a country, ‘Country-Specific Resolutions’ are brought, India always insists on a solution through dialogue. The same attitude has been seen in the case of China as well.

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