Why does alcohol seem like a cigarette addiction, how to get rid of it So understand how many minutes of life are reduced by this, food addiction is like alcohol

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If you ate a hot dog once, your life would be reduced by 36 minutes. At the same time, the age of those who eat pizza will decrease by 8 minutes. Don’t be surprised! Actually a university in America has done research on food addiction. In this, it has been mentioned about different foods and their ups and downs in our life.

Now you must be thinking that food is a drug which will be addictive.

Think of it like this – think about that food item or drink, without which you cannot live. Without it you start feeling restless. Pizza must have come to someone’s mind. Some must have thought of chocolate, then Maggi in someone’s mind. This is called food addiction.

In today’s news of need, we will know why there is an addiction to food, what are its disadvantages, and how it can be avoided.

Question: Why do I get addicted to junk food like pizza, burger, cheese and hot dog. What happens in them that people cannot live without eating?
There is a system in the brain. Which is called reward system (reward system). In this, the brain releases feel-good hormones. It contains the neurotransmitter dopamine, which makes the brain feel pleasure.

The reward given to the brain from junk food i.e. pizza, burger, hot dog and chocolate is far more powerful than the reward received from other foods. Because of which people like to eat junk food more and get addicted to it.

Psychologist Pritesh says- Like addiction to alcohol and cigarettes, food addiction is also a biochemical situation. It tastes good with certain types of food. For example, some sweet things, some junk food. A person cannot live without eating these things. Many times he knows that what he is eating is not good for health. Despite this, he eats that food.

Now talk about the research which says that pizza-hot dog shortens life.

This research has been done by experts from the University of Michigan, United States. In which about 5 thousand 800 food items like pizza, hot dogs, processed meat, beef, shrimp, poke meat, cheese burger, ice cream and chocolate were included. According to this, if you eat pizza once, then you can lose 8 minutes from your life. On the other hand, eating hot dogs can reduce 36 minutes of life. This research was published in the journal Nature Food.

Professor Olivier Joliet says on this research- The results that have come out in this research will help people to improve their health and environment. People should change their diet accordingly.

Health experts also say that smoking one cigarette shortens life by 11 minutes. Now you think yourself whether pizza and hotdogs are as dangerous as cigarettes or not?

How many minutes of life are reduced by eating which food, read it in detail in the graphics given below and also share with others…

Question: If I am addicted to food, how can I get rid of it?
Eating can spoil your health. For this you can take some measures. like-

  • The main reason for getting addicted to anything is the brain. That’s why you have to motivate yourself from time to time and avoid eating those things, which you are addicted to.
  • Make a list of the food products that you are addicted to. Find other food options instead. Suppose you are addicted to sandwiches with cheese and potatoes, then instead you can eat healthy sandwiches prepared in brown bread with peanut butter and green salad.
  • If you want, you can control your diet by taking the advice of a nutrition expert or doctor.
  • Despite all this, if the addiction does not go away, then you can also take the advice of a psychiatrist or counselor.

What does science say on longevity
According to science, the longevity of any person depends on his lifestyle. If someone’s lifestyle is good, then his life will be long and if it is not good, then his life may be short. Therefore, we should also take full care of eating and sleeping and waking up.

10 Steps To Healthy Lifestyle That We All Know But Don’t Follow. decide to do it now

  • Set a time to wake up in the morning and sleep at night.
  • Breakfast should not be skipped in the morning.
  • Choose a food that has a minimum of unhealthy fats.
  • Unhealthy fats contain both trans and saturated fats. These raise your LDL cholesterol. Due to which the risk of heart disease increases.
  • Also keep track of healthy fats, that is, use olive, canola, soy oil for cooking.
  • Choose foods that are low in sugar and highly refined carbohydrates. Drink less sweets, soft drinks, more sweet fruit juices.
  • Instead of processed food, include whole food i.e. whole grains, fruits and vegetables in the food.
  • Develop a habit of exercise or yoga.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of dieting.
  • Most important, drink lots of water.

It is not that research was done only on the negative impact food, there are some things which can increase your life a few minutes after eating. Read below to know this-

while going

How was the research done on pizza and other things, what important things came out in it?

Experts from the University of Michigan did research on 35 types of food items. In this 504 people were included and two surveys were done. Some important things came out…

  • For the research, the team used the Health Nutritional Index (HENI).
  • Pizza is the most addictive food. That is, people are most addicted to eating pizza.
  • Junk food is high in fat and refined carbohydrates. They reach your body more quickly than the fiber, protein and water present in natural food.

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