Why US And Europe Are Now Fearing Over Vladimir Putin Defeat: ‘Dangerous’ and ‘merciless’ Putin will order nuclear attack after Ukraine’s war defeat…Europe and America in panic!

MoscowRussia’s President Vladimir Putin has recently threatened to use nuclear strikes and cut energy supplies. This threat of Putin has scared Europe and America. At the same time, both countries are now accepting that any move or any announcement by Putin is making Ukraine’s victory difficult. At the same time, they do not even know what will happen if Putin loses this war? US President Joe Biden has also recently said that Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons is not just a jackass. If Biden is to be believed, Putin now has very few options left to attack Ukraine and in such a situation, he can take this step.

Biden is also afraid
Biden said in his address, ‘We are trying to guess what Putin can do next and what other avenues do he have?’ The US President said at a fundraiser event, ‘We are looking at where Putin finds himself in this situation. Will he not only lose his prestige but will lose vital power in Russia?’ At the moment Putin is quite calm. He is effectively taking forward the talks on the annexation and partition of Ukraine’s land. At the same time, despite concerns in his country, he has ordered the deployment of 300,000 soldiers.Sometimes America and Germany spy and sometimes fight with rats, how Russian President Vladimir Putin became powerful
Alexey Makarkin, deputy head of the Center for Political Technologies in Moscow, has said that Putin is now coming forward with new conditions. Now no one is left with any other option. According to another European official, Putin’s condition is similar to that of an animal that has now become more dangerous to save itself from being caught in the net.

Putin will not give up
On the other hand, Ukraine is responding with full force. Within a few weeks, it has regained control of the Russian-occupied border. It is now being speculated that Ukraine is moving forward with the intention of pushing Russia back. As this war progresses, Russia may have to retreat further. After this the pressure on Putin to give up may increase and the chances of him accepting it are very less.
America may deploy atomic bomb near Russian border, Poland’s big announcement on Putin’s threat
Putin will be dangerous
According to US and European officials, there is little chance that Ukraine will be prevented from moving forward by Russia’s newly deployed force. According to officials, the morale of these soldiers is very low and at the same time they do not have the necessary training and weapons. They also know that winning is not that easy.

According to Russian officials, European and American officials could be vulnerable due to energy cuts. They also know that supporting Ukraine is getting very expensive. If CIA director William Burns is to be believed, a defeated Putin or a Putin who has no choice left can be very dangerous and ruthless. William said this in an interview given to CBS.

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