Will these countries including Maldives drown in the sea? Where will people go – Maldives Tuvalu Marshall Islands Nauru and Kiribati are in danger after oceans rise sea level incresed tlifws

The speed with which the sea level is increasing, by the time of the 22nd century, there are many such countries, which can be completely submerged in water. Although such things may seem a bit strange at the beginning of the 21st century, but many studies on climate change are telling these concerns about the future to be reality. If countries like Maldives and Tuvalu are submerged by rising sea levels, will these countries be removed from the world map? What will happen to the citizens of these countries? There are many questions that scientists and analysts have started pondering.

According to news agency AFP, former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed has also expressed concern about this. The former President said that there can be no greater tragedy for any country and its people.

Destruction will happen even before drowning in the sea

According to UN Climate Experts, the sea level has risen by about 6 to 10 inches in the last 120 years and the frightening thing is that it is increasing continuously. If global warming continues to increase, sea levels in the Pacific and Indian Ocean will rise by 39 inches by the end of this century. Although it will be lower than the summit of the smallest and lowest-altitude islands, storms and sea waves will intensify with rising sea levels.

Many places will become uninhabited due to rising salt levels in the water long before many countries sink in the sea. That is, human settlements will not exist there.

According to a UN study on climate change, by the 22nd century, the countries named Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Kiribati, including the Maldives, will no longer be habitable for human populations and about 6 lakh people will be homeless. They will have no country.

Sumudu Atapattu of the University of Winscoin, Madison, said that in the past, due to mutual wars, the names of many countries have been removed from the map, but there has never been a situation when the whole country is destroyed due to any disaster. Go.

How will the country be made without land?

If seen under the Montevideo Convention of the year 1933, then it is clear that any country is formed only after having a fixed geographical area, permanent population, a government and the ability to negotiate with other countries. In such a situation, if the whole country is submerged or no one lives on what is left, then that country will not be able to meet one of these criteria i.e. geographical area.

Attapattu further said that giving status to any country is a fantasy, a legal fiction which we have created for the purpose of international law. In such a situation, we all have to come forward with another imagination in which countries without geographical area are thought of.

The special thing is that this is the idea behind the ‘Rising Nations’ initiative launched in September by several governments related to the Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu’s Prime Minister Kausea Natano told AFP about this that even if our country is submerged in water, UN members will have to recognize our country, because it is our identity.

Many people have already started thinking that what will be the future of nation-state without any definite territory?

Kamal Amkarne, managing director of the Global Center for Climate Mobility at Columbia University and a former UN official, said about this that it may happen that your geographical area is somewhere else, people somewhere else and government in some third place. However, to do so would first require a political declaration from the UN.

After this, an agreement will be needed between the countries that are at risk and the countries that will come forward to help, which will recognize the refugee government as a kind of permanent embassy.

Amkarne says that when you talk of a geographical boundary or area to define a country, it is also not clear whether it will be a dry area or a maritime one.

Kiribati, a country with 33 islands spread over 1.3 million square miles in the Pacific, is small in terms of land but one of the largest economic zones in the world. In such a situation, some experts believe that if this maritime sovereignty is preserved, then not a single country will disappear.

In August 2021, some countries of the Pacific Island Forum (Australia, New Zealand) announced that due to climate change, if there is a change in sea level, then there will be no reduction in their sea water area.

Will people leave the country easily?

Many experts say that even if such a crisis comes on any country, then some people may not be ready to leave their country.

Former Maldivian President Nasheed says in this time that humans are very smart, they will find ways to live in such a situation. He said that people may become accustomed to floating cities too.

However, it is not yet clear how these countries will get the resources for such projects. The damage caused by global warming will be a big issue during COP27 in Egypt in November.

Amkarne suggests that a political initiative should be started to save the heritage of such countries. This will raise the hopes of the people. He warned that uncertainty about the future of such countries and their citizens would increase bitterness. In this way you will destroy a country and its people.

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