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A stripper party was organized at the retirement home of the elderly. During this, the woman who was swinging with the dancers got a heart attack. The video of this incident is viral on social media, where it is seen that the woman is lying on the ground and many people are present around her.

Actually, a group of stripper dancers had reached the retirement home. Where these dancers were busy partying. This party was held at the ‘Una Mana Amiga Foundation’ present in El Prado, Cartagena (Colombia).

This party held in the retirement home was criticized by many on social media. It is seen in the viral video that a woman allegedly suffered a ‘heart attack’. The party was organized by social media influencer Nadia Cartagena, she shared this video clip on Instagram.

Nadia wrote in the Instagram post, ‘Today I organized a party for elderly people, here I faced the scariest moment of my life, I am sorry. I wanted to entertain those people, but I didn’t know that such a situation would come. I want people to give their opinion on this situation.

Elderly woman lying unconscious after heart attack (Credit: Instagram)

After seeing this post of Nadia, her followers strongly criticized her. Followers said that the theme that was kept was ‘a little too different’ for the elderly.

One user wrote that Nadia, you have ‘excessed’. Another user commented and wrote – Nadia, this party was not good, you have already seen the result, it is shameful and sad.

At the same time, Nadia said in response to the comments of the people that she had taken permission from the local authorities regarding this party. He has proof of this. Nothing was done which is against anyone’s wish.

‘Such a case has also come to the fore in Taiwan’
By the way, a similar case had also come to the fore in Taiwan last month, where adult dancers were dancing in the nursing home. After this the nursing home apologized for the criticism.

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