Wrote – Hard work is getting hit.. Luck is ruling; Users said – for whom is this post? , Karan Johar shared a cryptic note

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Karan Johar remains in the headlines sometimes because of his social media posts and sometimes because of his comments on Koffee with Karan. Now Karan recently shared a cryptic note on Instagram.

Karan Johar wrote in this note, ‘Hard work is hitting the roads..and luck is ruling the palaces…I just heard it and shared it.’

Fans did not understand Karan’s post

This post of Karan means that those who work hard are struggling to get work and those who are lucky are living in the palace. Now after reading this post of Karan, the fans are not able to understand who this post is for.

Karan recently said goodbye to Twitter

Karan Johar recently deleted his account from Twitter. Karan wrote in his last post, ‘Taking one more step towards positive energy in life. Goodbye Twitter!’ By the way, social media users did not like Karan’s sudden quitting of Twitter in this way.

Give review but don’t comment negative

Karan’s film Brahmastra was released last month. But it was given a very negative response by the people. Karan had said some things to the media about the negative response of his film Brahmastra. Without taking any names, Karan had said, ‘I don’t care about what others say, but sometimes I feel bad. You must give a review of films by becoming a critic, but at least do not make negative comments.

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