WWE SmackDown Results in Hindi 7 October 2022 Roman Reigns, WWE SmackDown Results: Famous Superstar created rift between Roman Reigns and his brother, Champion won the match by cheating in the main event

SmackDown: The episode of WWE SmackDown was great. Roman Reigns was seen at the beginning of the show, while at the end there was a memorable Intercontinental Championship match. The season premiere of SmackDown was special. Well, in this article we will talk about the results of the episode of SmackDown.

WWE legend Triple H started the show by welcoming fans to the season premiere of SmackDown. There was a QR code on The Game’s mic.

– Roman Reigns segment in WWE SmackDown

While cutting the promo, Roman Reigns asked the fans to acknowledge him. Logan Paul entered. Reigns later insults Logan and tells that he is making him famous by fighting with the former boxer. Paul Heyman discusses Logan’s brother and other things. Also told that no one can defeat Roman. Heyman claimed that Roman Reigns would easily beat Logan and praised the Tribal Chief here. Logan Paul tried to create a rift between Roman Reigns and Jay Uso here and asked who the Tribal Chief is after all. Uso was actually angry with Logan and Roman stared at his brother. Sami Zayn handled things and calmed them down. He told that Logan Paul is doing everything wrong. Logan has cracked the bloodline. Well, Sammy insulted Logan badly.

– Solo Sequoia vs Ricochet

This match was tremendous. While Solo Sequoia was showcasing his power, Ricochet was constantly impressing the fans with high-flying moves. In the end, Sequoia applied her finisher Spinning Solo and pinned the win.

Result: Solo Sequoia wins

Backstage Sami Zayn revealed that he was handling Solo Sequoia and that Jay Uso was not happy to hear that. However, Roman Reigns told that Sammy is not saying anything wrong in this matter.

Hit Row entered the bus and he was seen walking towards the ring.

Backstage Sami Zayn and The Usos were going. Meanwhile, Zen tries to apologize to him and it is here that he meets the New Day. They got into an argument and New Day insulted Je Uso. Sammy challenged him to a 6 man tag team for a match.

– Segment of Hit Row

Hit Row entered and during this time some superstars entered in masks. He attacked all the members of Hit Row. Later, B-Fab checks on her partner Top Dola and in the meantime, Gelina Vega attacks B-Fan. Everyone took off the masks and then it was revealed that they are all members of the Ligado del Fantasma Faction, all former NXT Superstars. Vega will now be his manager.

Saw a video package and it looked like a game. It was told that some big information will come out in Extreme Rules.

– Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzy vs Sonya Deville & Zaya Lee

The match did not last long and Raquel impressed mainly. WWE is showing him and Shotzy as mighty right now. In this match, Rodriguez put a powerbomb on Sonya Deville with one hand and won by pinning.

Result: Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzy win

The brawling brutes appeared backstage and were talking.

– segment of the carrion cross

Carrion Cross enters and Drew McIntyre comes here to attack him. He tried to make the worst of his enmity with Strap. The security guards entered and took Drew McIntyre out of the ring. McIntyre also attacked the guards and the brawl continued. Carrion Cross and Drew McIntyre were strapped in and here Cross tried to put the Scottish star in bad shape. Here Carrion had the upper hand. He has hyped his strap match very well.

The Viking Raiders talked about his absence and said that he will now return.

– Braun Strowman & The New Day vs Sami Zayn & The Usos

This match was very good. Everyone was excited to see Braun Strowman in the match and he won the hearts of the fans. Everyone felt that the victory of Bloodline would be seen. However, the New Day put his finisher Up Up Down Down on Jimmy Uso and pinned the team to victory.

Result: Braun Strowman and The New Day win

Backstage Max Dupree attacked Mansoor and Masse. At the same time, he was disappointed with his sister Maxine Dupree and was shouting at her. He told that he is no longer Max but L.A. Knight.

– Sheamus vs Gunther (Intercontinental Championship Match)

This match turned out to be a tremendous one. Both the superstars were given a lot of time and together they won the hearts of the fans with their performance. On several occasions it was thought that the match would be over but it did not happen. The match continued. Finally a brawl took place at ringside between the members of the Imperium and the Brawling Brutes. The referee’s attention was not in the ring and Gunther then attacked Sheamus with a shillag. Also pinned them and won.

Result: Gunther retains the title

This is how SmackDown ended.

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