Xi Jinping News in Hindi: The Most Powerful Leader Of China Gives Strong Message In 20th National Congress

BeijingIn 2012, Xi Jinping took over as the President of China for the first time. It’s been 10 years since he came to power. In this decade, he has become a powerful leader not only of China but of the whole world. The 20th National Congress of the ruling Communist Party began on Sunday in the Great Hall of the capital Beijing. Whatever happened to Jinping on Hong Kong and Taiwan on the first day of this once in five years event, it provided a third indication of how his attitude was going to be in the next few years.

extraordinary third term
In this National Congress, Jinping is moving towards his third term. He is not only the general secretary of the party but also the chairman of the China Military Commission (CMC). 69-year-old Jinping can once again be handed over the command of the country for five years from the party’s side. Jinping is now more powerful than the country’s founder Mao Zedong. His term is ending in March 2023 but there is every possibility of it being extended once again.

Under the leadership of Jinping, China has seen many changes not only at the domestic level but also at the level of foreign policy. Under the leadership of Jinping, the Communist Party has become so strong that it has its eyes on every corner of China, as well as its spies are present abroad. China’s society is the part of the world on which its government does the most spying. People on the streets against their own President before the National Congress in China, officials banned ‘Beijing’
aggressive foreign policy
China adopted the policy of ‘Wolf Warrior’ after Jinping became the President. That is, that foreign policy which is very aggressive, especially regarding the issues related to America. Aggressive statements are made on America every day. Apart from this, China is also very aggressive about the US-led western bloc Japan. Former foreign policy leader Deng Xiaoping believed, ‘Try to spend your time by hiding your strength.’ Jinping thinks differently and believes in bringing his power to the public.

Domestically, the feeling of nationalism in China is getting stronger against Japan. South Korea had also seen difficult times in Jinping’s first term itself. At that time, South Korea’s goods were boycotted in China and this put its business in danger. At present, Taiwan is at the center of foreign policy. Not only China, the date of October 16 will affect the whole world, Jinping will emerge stronger from the National Congress!
tough on taiwan
CPC completed 100 years in July 2021. At that time, Jinping had promised that he would unite Taiwan with China. At the same time, he also spoke of crushing any efforts to gain Taiwan’s independence. When US Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August, the PLA launched its largest military drill ever.

This made it clear that the Chinese forces had already prepared for the military drill. It is very difficult to predict whether China will take military action on Taiwan or not. But there is no doubt that the aircraft and ships of the PLA will now continue to infiltrate the Taiwan border non-stop.
America is getting closer to Taiwan and China’s relations are deteriorating because of this. In July, when Jinping spoke to his US counterpart Joe Biden over the phone, he made it clear that he was playing with fire on Taiwan.

close to russia
At the same time, China’s growing proximity with Russia is going to bother America. In February this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin went to China and he issued a joint statement with Jinping on this. Putin had said, “The friendship between the two countries knows no boundaries and there is no area where there is no mutual cooperation.” China has not condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine. He has neither considered this war as an attack. At the same time, China is also providing diplomatic help to Russia by condemning the Western countries for the sanctions. Putin has also raised his voice against the interference of Western countries on Taiwan.
‘Hong Kong is ours… now it’s Taiwan’s turn’, Jinping’s announcement before the coronation in the National Congress
Enemy from India!
If we talk about India, since the year 2020, there is a conflict on the LAC in Eastern Ladakh. The situation has become serious since the Galwan violence in June 2020. Jinping participated in the SCO conference with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and also posed for photographs with each other. Modi and Jinping met in the years 2018 and 2019. The two leaders met twice through informal conferences. At present, there is no direct flight between the two countries and mutual cooperation is also very less.

nothing new will happen
According to Wu Guoguang, an expert on China’s affairs at Stanford University, after looking at the Jinping regime since 2012, experts are predicting that nothing new is going to happen in the next five years and in such a situation people should not have any hope. There is only one positive thing for the world that Jinping has exposed the true colors of his party in front of everyone. His two terms have been repressive and now the third is about to begin.

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