You can lock Pen Drive with a smartphone, no one will be able to run it without a password.

New Delhi: Keep photos, videos, important data and software in pen drive. Pen drive is very small in size. That’s why some people are afraid of losing it. If it is lost, important data can be in the hands of someone else. For this reason some people keep the pen drive locked. Both password and PIN can be used in the pen drive.

It is very easy to set password from computer or laptop, but do you know that now you can also lock pen drive from smartphone. Follow these tips after installing an app from Google Play Store to lock pen drive from smartphone.

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Lock pen drive from smartphone with the help of this app
To block pen drive from smartphone, download USB Lockit- Password Lock USB Drive app from Google Play Store. This app is free for Android users. Any Android user can download it in smart phone. With this app, you can lock the pen drive in just 2 seconds. After applying the lock, no one will be able to open the pen drive. No one can tamper with the data present in the pen drive.

How to lock pen drive
1. To lock the pen drive, open the USB Lockit- Password Lock USB Drive app
2. Now connect the OTG cable in the smartphone.
3. After this, in the USB Lockit app, click on the pen drive and click OK.
4. Enter at least 6 digit PIN to apply the lock.
5. Confirm once again by entering the same PIN code.
6. After this, lock the pen drive by clicking on OK.

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How to unlock pen drive
1. Use the USB Lockit app to unlock the pen drive.
2. After connecting the OTG cable to the smart phone, open the USB Lockit app.
3. Then click on Unlock.
4. After clicking on Unlock, enter the 6 digit PIN.
5. Once again unlock it by entering the 6 digit PIN.

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