You can record videos like this with music playing in iPhone, here’s the complete method

tech news desk There are many great features available in Apple’s iPhone. There is also a feature like this with which you can keep listening to music in the background and even record videos on your iPhone with a simple trick. The special thing is that you do not need to download any third party app for this. You can use the stock iPhone camera app. Note that the video you click on will also record the music playing in the background. And there is no way to remove music from video. Apple is at least allowing you to do this, whereas the stock camera app in Android cannot record video while playing music.


First, turn on the music you want to play or record in the video. Now, go to the Camera app of your iPhone. You can open video mode and see if it’s working or not, it won’t because music will stop working automatically. You don’t need to open Video mode here, just play the music you want in the background and open Photo mode in the Camera app of your iPhone. Now, hold down the shutter button and the video recording will start. While you hold down the shutter, move it to the lock icon on the right. This allows you to start recording with the music playing in the background without stopping. Plus, since you have the video locked, you can take your hand off the shutter and record the video. After you’re done, you can pause the video and it will be saved in the Photos app. The video will also capture the music playing in the background. This way, you can easily record videos on your iPhone while music is playing in the background.

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